Freeze Substitution

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The new Leica EM AFS2 is capable of freeze substitution and progressive lowering of temperature ( PLT ) techniques as well as allowing low temperature embedding and polymerization of resins. A stereomicroscope for viewing and positioning of the samples is available and the LED illumination from within the chamber makes work easy. The freeze substitution processor EM FSP is an automatic reagent handling system. Sitting on the EM AFS2, it dispenses reagents for both freeze substitution and PLT techniques.

Key Features


Excellent specimen visibility with Internal LED illumination and Stereomicroscope (optional)

"Deep Freeze" allows sample transfer at temperatures below -140°C

Fast UV polymerization with LED UV lamp

Mouse controlled color screen

Memory stick to transfer programs

Operator safety due to fume exhaust system

LN2 filling from outside specimen chamber

LN2 consumption enough for 5 day protocols

Leica EM FSP

One step preparation

Reduced workload

Efficient UV polymerization with built-in LED uV lamp

FS and PLT

"Check" function guides operator for filling reagents

Log file download on memory stick

Minimizes operator contact with toxic media

Reduces risk of specimen loss