Plunge Freezer

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The New Leica EM GP Plunge Freezer has been designed for all EM laboratories with a need to view vitrified samples in the cryo-TEM, including biological research, virology, protein crystallography, pharmaceutical research and testing, cosmetic companies and industrial laboratories: to prepare samples as diverse as viruses and macromolecules to paint, for vitreous freezing of solutions, suspensions and emulsions in both aqueous and inorganic solvents.

Key Features

  • Comfortable and ergonomic observation
  • Complete procedure can be viewed via a stereomicroscope for controlled observation of all processes
  • LED illumination into the chamber and down to the Dewar enhances observation
  • Single sided blotting prevents damage to films
  • Manual (motorised) or automatic (programmed) 180° grid rotation allows blotting from either side of the grid
  • Start of the process can be initiated via touch screen or footswitch