High Pressure Freezer

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High pressure freezing captures the intricate changes in fine structure or cellular dynamics.

High pressure freezing combined with light stimulation is the platform for your discoveries.

  • Synchronize freezing and stimulation to the millisecond to capture the moment that interests you most
  • Capture and resolve highly dynamic processes at a nanometer scale and millisecond time precision
  • Cryo-immobilize your aqueous samples under high pressure and uncover the world’s secrets

Why Light Stimulation?

Synchronizing light stimulation and high pressure freezing enables you to visualize highly dynamic processes or the structural changes of photosensitive samples at a nanometer resolution and millisecond precision. This opens new possibilities for researchers in life science and industry.

  • Apply light stimulation to any light sensitive compounds such as lotions, cosmetics, or food, and photoactivated samples such as proteins, or various biological samples
  • Push the limits of our understanding  of  highly dynamic processes, such as neurotransmission at the synapse