EM Rapid
Pharmaceutical Milling

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Pharmaceutical Milling Device

The Leica EM RAPID milling system has been designed for preparation of pills and tablets prior to investigation with NIR spectrophotometry for Research on Active Pharmaceutical Ingedient Dispersal. With a tungsten carbide or diamond milling tool, pills can be decapsulated and milled without any smearing effect caused by the pills' coating. The operating concept of the Leica EM RAPID offers versatile features which are directly converted into user benefits to achieve maximum ease of use and optimal results.

Key Features

Decapsulation of pills without smearing effect

Adjustable cutting speed between 300 - 20.000 rpm

Defined layer removal in steps of 0.5, 1, 10 or 100 ┬Ám

Brillliant ring LED top light and optimised back light illumination

Low noise extraction and filtration unit with Hepa-filter