Tissue Processing

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With the Leica EM TP tissues can be processed into resin for subsequent EM and LM analysis. The Tissue Processor has an exhaust system allowing safe use of toxic substances such as osmium. Individual seals reduce evaporation of reagents while the preheat/cool system allows the correct reagent temperature to be maintained throughout processing. Small vials are available for EM and larger ones for LM processing. The larger vials can also be used for high throughput EM-runs, utilising the Tripod system, where over 150 EM samples can be processed in one run.

Key Features

99 programmes

Reagent list of 200 reagents, partially preset, can be updated by the user.

Programme steps from 1 minute to 99h 59min

Delay start up to the year 2099, Delay end up to 2099

Processing capacity up to 24 x 20ml EM vials per cycle, up to 12 x 100ml LM vials per cycle

Temperature range +4 to + 60°C with pre-heat and pre-cool for EM vials

Dimensions 54cm deep x 36cm wide x 28cm high