EM Trim 2
Block Trimming

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Build a pyramid in less than 60 seconds!

The Leica EM Trim2 is a high speed milling system with an integrated stereo microscope and LED ring illuminator for trimming of biological and industrial samples prior to ultramicrotomy. A pivot arm and adjustment assembly holds the specimen carrier for optimum orientation. It can be used with either tungsten carbide or diamond milling tools. The area of interest can be centered and a flat block face milled onto the front face of the sample.

For TEM and LM the sample must be trimmed to shape by adjusting the angle of the pivot arm and trimming the desired block shape - pyramidal, square rectangular, etc... Viewing of the specimen perpendicular to the axis of the stereomicroscope allows distance definition i.e. from the front face of the sample. All this takes place under constant observation with the stereo microscope.

Key Features

With accurate, parallel edges

Withe the angle of the pyramid sides set to user-preferred angle up to 60°

With smooth and clean surfaces

Any part of the sample can be targeted

With perpendicular viewing of the embedded sample to determine its position for accurate milling

With a 1 ┬Ám step removal rate and an ergonomically positioned feed hand wheel

In any desired size from approximately 0.2 mm square upwards

With stereo microscope and ring LED illumination for clear observation during milling of the sample

Safer than conventional razor blade trimming

For rapid alignment of the vertical block face to the ultramicrotome knife with minimal adjustment

With an adaptor for the cryoultramicrotome for pre-trimming samples at room temperature prior to trimming in the cryo-chamber (e.g. polymers)

With a low-noise extraction filtration unit with Hepa filter for a safe and silent environment (optional)

With fibre Optic transillumination system for locating small samples and translucent objects (optional)