Leica TXP Overview

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Target Surfacing System

The Leica EM TXP is a unique target preparation device especially developed for cutting and polishing samples prior to examination by SEM, TEM and LM techniques. It excels with challenging specimens where pinpointing and preparing barely visible targets becomes easy. Before the Leica EM TXP, sawing, milling, grinding and polishing exactly to the target was often a very time-consuming and difficult procedure as points of interest were easily missed and specimens often difficult to handle due to their small size.

With the Leica EM TXP such samples can easily be prepared.

Key Features

Target Preparation During Observation with a stereo microscope

Integrated Sawing and Autopolishing Mechanism

Automated Processing Function

Accurate location and preparation of microtargets

Automatic process control to produce a mirror-like surface quality