Oxford AZTecOne
for the Hitachi Tabletop SEM

The 30mm2 compact x-act for ultimate peak resolution of 137eV, ideal for complicated spectra with crowded overlapping peaks.

The AZtecOne system for TM4000 series is the only system that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the TTM user. A simple-to-use interface combined with the proven technology and reliability of Oxford Instruments' software algorithms and hardware, mean that novice and infrequent users can not only get their results quickly and easily, but they can have confidence that they are accurate and dependable.

Included Functionality

  • Image Acquisition — (Resolution up to 2048) Capability to acquire SE and BSE images sequentially into the same ‘Site Of Interest’
  • Spectrum Acquisition — collect data from point, rectangular, elliptical and irregular acquisition areas
    • Spectra can also be reconstructed from existing Smartmap and LineScan datacubes

  • X-Ray Mapping — (Resolution up to 1024) Collects a spectral map datacube from rectangular, elliptical or irregular areas.
  • LineScanning — Collects a spectral line datacube.
  • Tru-Q is a unique combination of new and existing technologies that make the promise of automatic, real-time element identification and composition determination a reality. AutoID and standardless analysis can be achieved automatically to new levels of accuracy only previously possible using manual optimisation.

High-Precision and Multifaceted TruMap Function

The TruMap feature allows multi-element spectra to be properly separated and background-subtracted in real time, resulting in a precise elemental mappimg with no image contamination from overlapping peaks.

In the example shown on the right, data from Mg-K and As-L, whose peaks overlap in typical maps, are clearly resolved and free from signal overlap with the TruMap function.