EM UC7 Ultramicrotome

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Designed for perfect sectioning

The Ultramicrotome Leica EM UC7 provides easy preparation of semi- and ultrathin sections as well as perfect smooth surfaces of biological and industrial samples for TEM, SEM, AFM and LM examinations.

Combining ergonomic design and innovative technology the Leica EM UC7 sets new standards in Ultramicrotomy and offers a range of outstanding features and benefits of use for the ultramicrotomist, whether highly skilled or absolute beginners.

Detailed Description

Brightness-Controlled Multi-LED-Illumination

Four LED light sorces provice outstanding illumination for toplight, backlight and specimen transillumination (independently brightness controlled).

The additional spot illumination enhances the optical performance of the Leica EM UC7.

Fully touch-sensitive control unit

All functions of the Ultramicrotome Leica EM UC7, the cryo-chamber Leica EM FC7 and the antistatic device Leica EM CRION are controlled via touch sensitive buttons.

High End Touch-sensitive control unit with operating knobs and wheels

The innovative touch-sensitive control unit of the Leica EM UC7 enables fast and safe alignment of knife and specimen with help files and prompts to hand for beginners. Programmable knife and cutting movements make trimming easy.