Vacuum Cryo Transfer System

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Versatile vacuum cryo transfer system for protected transfer of your sample between different preparation and analysis instrument via shuttle and load lock.

Connectivity between SEM/FIB, Cryo-TEM and Cryo CLEM LN2 cooled workstation for contamination-free loading of your sample with EM VCT500 dock implemented.

Key Features

  • Contamination free transfer between preparation and analysis unit
  • Versatile transfer environment
  • Minimal interference with the analysis system for highest possible resolution
  • Independent sample preparation and analysis
  • Efficient access to the analysis as well as to the preparation unit
  • Preparation units can be linked to several VCT100 adapted analysis units.
  • Preparation and analysis can be performed at different locations
  • Easy adjustment to configuration changes
  • Detailed Description
  • Transferring specimens to the chamber of an analysis system is one of the most critical steps of most preparation methods. It is essential to protect the samples from contamination. The VCT100 concept was established particularly to cross link preparation units with various analysis systems. Samples are transferred in a well defined environment, e.g. protective gas or high vacuum conditions. In addition the specimen can be kept at low temperature for cryo techniques.

The sample holders used for specimen transfer are compatible to an integrated stage. Due to the modular stage concept, the stage can be installed in any (ultra) high vacuum system or glove box and used for both room temperature and cryo applications. With the air lock, the transfer shuttle can be mounted to any SEM, FIB, AFM, SIMS or XPS chambers. The flexible system design enables adjustments to any customer specific application.